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Best PC Maintenance software for Windows

Let’s face it. Computers require regular maintenance to run smoothly and reliably over time. If your computer has been running slow and giving you a hard time, performing repairs and maintenance checks can help revive your computer and save you from taking it to the repair shop, upgrading or buying a new PC! Why do [&hellip

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How to Fix Application failed to initialize properly Errors

Stuck with the Application failed to initialize error properly error? Not for long! Follow our free and easy guide to troubleshoot and fix the Application failed to initialize properly error in minutes. Follow the checklist below to fix this error on your PC: 1. The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135) Cause: The .NET Framework is [&hellip

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How to Fix the 0xc0150004 Error in Windows

Do you encounter the 0xc0150004 Error in Windows? Not to worry! Follow our free and easy guide to troubleshoot and fix the 0xc0150004 error in minutes. Here are a few solutions to fix the 0xc0150004 error 1. If you receive the error when you try to install a Windows Update or using Windows Updates, we recommend [&hellip

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How to Fix the Background Container.dll Error Quickly

What is the Background container.dll error? This dll file is a part of a search toolbar developed by Conduit and has been known to cause problems. Here is an example of a RunDLL error that says the Background container.dll file could not be found on your computer. STEP 1: How to fix the Background container.dll [&hellip

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How to Fix Images not being displayed in Outlook

Hello Outlook users, In today’s guide, we show you how to fix the problem of Email Images not being displayed in Outlook. Problem #1 : Images are blocked in all my emails Solution: Follow this checklist to unblock Images in Outlook emails Problem #2 : Pictures cannot be displayed and are shown as red X [&hellip

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