Having problems watching videos on YouTube? Videos won’t play?

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Learn how to fix YouTube video problems in a few minutes – quickly, easily and for free!

Problem 1:
Unable to play any videos

Try this:

1. Follow Adobe’s Flash installation problems guide to reinstall Adobe Flash Player on your computer

2. Check to see if your Firewall program is blocking YouTube.com and its content

3. Make sure you don’t have any other video streaming applications running in the background


Problem 2:
I can hear the audio, but I don’t see any video. The video is blank.

Try this:

Right-click in the middle of the video, select Settings, choose the left most tab (monitor icon), uncheck the “Enable hardware acceleration” option, Close, reload the page and try again


Problem 3:
I can see the video, but don’t hear any audio

Try this:

1. Check to see if your computer speakers are turned on and the volume knob cranked up

2. Check and adjust the Volume Control on your computer (the Speaker shaped icon on the bottom-right corner of your screen)

3. Reinstall Flash Player on your computer and try restarting your internet browser

4. Visit the Global Storage Settings Panel, ensure that the “Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer” option is checked, restart your browser


Problem 4:
The videos don’t play well. Display issues, jittery playback, artifacts, poor quality

Try this:

1. Update your computer’s video (graphics) driver to the latest version.

2. If the problem persists with videos, movies and games on your computer, your video card (graphics chipset) may be weak or flaky. A newer, better graphics card would be an excellent addition.


Problem 5:
Video keeps stopping and starting while I’m watching it

This depends on how fast your internet connection is.

Try this:

1. Start the video, pause it and wait till the video loads completely (watch the progress bar) after which you can start playing the video.

2. Get a faster internet connection! YouTube’s minimum requirement for uninterrupted playback is a 500+ Kbps broadband connection.

1-2 Mbps for Movies and Live Streaming, Faster connections for seamless playback of HD videos.


Hope this helped!

PC Guru