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Monthly Archive:: December 2011

How to Connect your Computer to your TV – Quick Start Guide

Are you looking to connect your computer to your TV? Well, we’ve got just the guide for you! It’s quick, it’s easy, it will get you using your TV as the monitor in no time! Step 1: Identify the  “video inputs” available on your TV The first thing you need to know is what kind [&hellip

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Fix Problem Opening EXE files on your Windows PC

Problem opening EXE files and applications on your computer? Do you get the “Open With” dialog box every time you open a .EXE file on your computer? We are here to help!  Try one of the quick registry fixes below t: For Windows XP users: 1. Right-click the link below, save it as a .reg [&hellip

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Get Free Online Storage from Microsoft SkyDrive

Looking for Free Online Storage to store your files, documents and media for instant access? If you are looking for a free service that will help you store, organize, and access all your files from any computer with an Internet connection, Microsoft can help you do just that! Get Free Online Storage for your PC [&hellip

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How Can I Monitor Internet Bandwidth Usage?

Why monitor Internet Bandwidth Usage on your PC? With most ISPs implementing data caps and other restrictions on their internet connections, it becomes essential to track your daily internet usage and receive alerts to be able to use your monthly bandwidth wisely. This requirement becomes all the more important when you use pay-as-you-go internet connections, [&hellip

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How to Download Faster and Manage Downloads

Poor download speeds? Trouble managing all your downloads? Learn how to Download Faster and Manage Downloads while downloading files and media from the Internet Today we take a look at one of the best download managers available on the Internet. Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) Overview: Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is the world’s most popular download [&hellip

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